Heroes of the Kingdoms Alliance

Vorgryn's Revolution
Session 6

Scourge and King Victor Blackwood sent Lash, Dox, and the reast of the party to Dorin to meet with the Drow revolutionary, Vorgryn. King Victor Blackwood revealed that he assassinated King Gorus Terramut and caused The Day of Raven’s Tears for a greater purpose.

Upon arriving at Vorgryn‘s camp the party was attacked by the revolutionaries. The party killed everyone and Vorgryn didn’t even care. He was easily manipulated by Lash and agreed to do King Victor Blackwood’s bidding.

They party then met Shrakk on the way to Dawnwillow. when the group arrived they went straight to the tavern and drank themselves until they blacked out. Wrath had both his arms broken and Dox got so drunk she slept with him. She then forgave him and the two are moving on from their. The group must now decide how to deal with Vorgryn and his revolution.

The Blackguard Problem
Session 5

King Victor Blackwood and Richard Gloomhollow are able to come to an agreement at the meeting and Guardian is forced to become a blackguard. At a second meeting Richard Gloomhollow goes back on his side of the deal and starts letting loose heretical statements about the Raven Queen and his illegal abilities gained in his quest to become a god. King Victor Blackwood threatens to kill Richard Gloomhollow but he is able to convince King Victor Blackwood not to for now. As soon a Richard Gloomhollow leave King Victor Blackwood goes after him with Scourge, Lash, and the rest of the group.

They are able to fight off the blackguard and enter Richard Gloomhollow‘s temple. He has been raising revenant inside but they are horrible abominations. The group is able to stop the revenant creation and King Victor Blackwood kills Richard Gloomhollow by stabbing him in the heart. Guardian leads King Victor Blackwood and Scourge to the blackguard monastery and Ruz has settled in pretending to be Richard Gloomhollow. They bring the blackguard under King Victor Blackwood’s control. Lash led the party back to back to Forsworn and upon arrival revealed that she andDox are in a relationship. Dox also flirted with Wrath who confused her signals and angered her.

Scourge is told by The Overmind that Zorros Silverclaw has been seen in Dorin speaking with the Eladrin.

A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
Session 3

Zorros Silverclaw sends the party to go to Thunder Marsh in on the Kironath/Rinsgarn border. He wants them to go to an old ruin and find an artifact and bring it to him so he can destroy it.

The party arrives to find that there is a number of tiefling already there. after the fight the leader Barakas is left alive and asks them to give him the artifact for King Therai’s use.

Deeper inside they meet Dox a female changeling who is working for King Victor Blackwood to also find the artifact. She has known Guardian for a long time and asks that they give the artifact to her.

They find out that the artifact id a wereification device that lets you turn into a were-creature of any animal. Barakas says he wants it so they can use it on the humans in Rinsgarn so they will kill themselves. The party decides to give the artifact to Dox and let Barakas live.

Wrath's Nightmare
Session 2

Zorros Silverclaw, a member of The Knights of Bahamut, arrives in Spring Haven to hunt down Wrath after receiving an anonymous tip. He quickly dispatches of Wrath and before killing him decides that he can be of use. He send the party to go to a tomb outside of Spring Haven.

When they arrive they realize that there are zombies everywhere. They fight their way into the mausoleum. The two blackguard that were with Flint Proudmore were inside and the party killed them both. deeper inside the party discovered Orcus cultists doing some kind of ritual. During the fight the leader tried to invoke the ritual but he failed to do so. The party killed everyone there.

Upon entering the main room again there is a giant dark portal and a mass of Orcus’s power comes out. They try to fight it off but are unable to. Zorros Silverclaw arrives and kills the Orcus aspect. He then grabs Wrath and puts a mark on his hand that causes Wrath a large amount of pain. The group suspects that Zorros Silverclaw is using it as a tracker of some kind.

Under One Flag
Session 1

Guardian, Rhothgar, and Wrath came together as an adventuring group and headed for Spring Haven, a northern town in Kironath. Upon arrival the party noticed that the town was being evacuated and were sent to the castle to help. Proudmore, the ruler of Spring Haven, asked the party to help kill a golem planning to attack to town. He also asked them to find his son Flint Proudmore. He discovered that Wrath was a revenant but the party was able to dissuade him from telling anyone about it.

They arrive at the fort where Steelbane is and kill all of his minions. When they get to fight Steelbane they find Flint Proudmore and two blackguard in chains. During the fight Proudmore’s adviser arrives and announces that he has killed Proudmore. They fight and kill both Steelbane and the adviser and set Flint Proudmore and the blackguard free. The party moves into the basement of a local tavern called The Spanking Monkey belonging to the dwarves, Morin and Dwalin.

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