Heroes of the Kingdoms Alliance

A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

Session 3

Zorros Silverclaw sends the party to go to Thunder Marsh in on the Kironath/Rinsgarn border. He wants them to go to an old ruin and find an artifact and bring it to him so he can destroy it.

The party arrives to find that there is a number of tiefling already there. after the fight the leader Barakas is left alive and asks them to give him the artifact for King Therai’s use.

Deeper inside they meet Dox a female changeling who is working for King Victor Blackwood to also find the artifact. She has known Guardian for a long time and asks that they give the artifact to her.

They find out that the artifact id a wereification device that lets you turn into a were-creature of any animal. Barakas says he wants it so they can use it on the humans in Rinsgarn so they will kill themselves. The party decides to give the artifact to Dox and let Barakas live.



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