Heroes of the Kingdoms Alliance

The Blackguard Problem

Session 5

King Victor Blackwood and Richard Gloomhollow are able to come to an agreement at the meeting and Guardian is forced to become a blackguard. At a second meeting Richard Gloomhollow goes back on his side of the deal and starts letting loose heretical statements about the Raven Queen and his illegal abilities gained in his quest to become a god. King Victor Blackwood threatens to kill Richard Gloomhollow but he is able to convince King Victor Blackwood not to for now. As soon a Richard Gloomhollow leave King Victor Blackwood goes after him with Scourge, Lash, and the rest of the group.

They are able to fight off the blackguard and enter Richard Gloomhollow‘s temple. He has been raising revenant inside but they are horrible abominations. The group is able to stop the revenant creation and King Victor Blackwood kills Richard Gloomhollow by stabbing him in the heart. Guardian leads King Victor Blackwood and Scourge to the blackguard monastery and Ruz has settled in pretending to be Richard Gloomhollow. They bring the blackguard under King Victor Blackwood’s control. Lash led the party back to back to Forsworn and upon arrival revealed that she andDox are in a relationship. Dox also flirted with Wrath who confused her signals and angered her.

Scourge is told by The Overmind that Zorros Silverclaw has been seen in Dorin speaking with the Eladrin.



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