Heroes of the Kingdoms Alliance

Under One Flag

Session 1

Guardian, Rhothgar, and Wrath came together as an adventuring group and headed for Spring Haven, a northern town in Kironath. Upon arrival the party noticed that the town was being evacuated and were sent to the castle to help. Proudmore, the ruler of Spring Haven, asked the party to help kill a golem planning to attack to town. He also asked them to find his son Flint Proudmore. He discovered that Wrath was a revenant but the party was able to dissuade him from telling anyone about it.

They arrive at the fort where Steelbane is and kill all of his minions. When they get to fight Steelbane they find Flint Proudmore and two blackguard in chains. During the fight Proudmore’s adviser arrives and announces that he has killed Proudmore. They fight and kill both Steelbane and the adviser and set Flint Proudmore and the blackguard free. The party moves into the basement of a local tavern called The Spanking Monkey belonging to the dwarves, Morin and Dwalin.



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