Heroes of the Kingdoms Alliance

Vorgryn's Revolution

Session 6

Scourge and King Victor Blackwood sent Lash, Dox, and the reast of the party to Dorin to meet with the Drow revolutionary, Vorgryn. King Victor Blackwood revealed that he assassinated King Gorus Terramut and caused The Day of Raven’s Tears for a greater purpose.

Upon arriving at Vorgryn‘s camp the party was attacked by the revolutionaries. The party killed everyone and Vorgryn didn’t even care. He was easily manipulated by Lash and agreed to do King Victor Blackwood’s bidding.

They party then met Shrakk on the way to Dawnwillow. when the group arrived they went straight to the tavern and drank themselves until they blacked out. Wrath had both his arms broken and Dox got so drunk she slept with him. She then forgave him and the two are moving on from their. The group must now decide how to deal with Vorgryn and his revolution.



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