Heroes of the Kingdoms Alliance

Wrath's Nightmare

Session 2

Zorros Silverclaw, a member of The Knights of Bahamut, arrives in Spring Haven to hunt down Wrath after receiving an anonymous tip. He quickly dispatches of Wrath and before killing him decides that he can be of use. He send the party to go to a tomb outside of Spring Haven.

When they arrive they realize that there are zombies everywhere. They fight their way into the mausoleum. The two blackguard that were with Flint Proudmore were inside and the party killed them both. deeper inside the party discovered Orcus cultists doing some kind of ritual. During the fight the leader tried to invoke the ritual but he failed to do so. The party killed everyone there.

Upon entering the main room again there is a giant dark portal and a mass of Orcus’s power comes out. They try to fight it off but are unable to. Zorros Silverclaw arrives and kills the Orcus aspect. He then grabs Wrath and puts a mark on his hand that causes Wrath a large amount of pain. The group suspects that Zorros Silverclaw is using it as a tracker of some kind.



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