Strong, Angry, Willful, Warforged, Former Barbarian, Blackguard, Deceased


Guardian was the realest of all the niggas in the KA. He was killed because of Zane’s lack of intellect and Rothgar’s absence due to a yeast infection.


Guardian is a warforged barbarian from the Fey wilds. He was built for a war that happened a long ass fuckin time ago and was stationed in a place which is now the Feywild. He does not remember anything about his past other than he was a big fucking guard and liked animals.He was ambushed and deactivated by a large blow to the head . He was reactivated a fuck ton of years later by a Wilden scouting party and was brought back to their camp, where he met Rhothgar, who was a shaman’s apprentice at the time. They became friends and Guardian was taught to smash stuff. After a while Rhothgar became an experienced healer and guardian was a barbarian warrior. The two left the tribe to adventure. Out in the forest they heard some noise so Guardian went to check it out. There he saw a group of bugbears surrounding a dead displacer beast and its kitten. guardian decided to fuck up the bugbears and save the kitty. He slayed most of them but lost his eye to their leader (Terrance Campagnone) before he fled into the wilds. Rhothgar nursed the kitty back to health and it became their third group member. Guardian traveled to Kironath to become a mercenary. Which didn’t go well, nobody would hire him because of his poor speech skills. They were approached by a changeling named Dox in the street who offered them jobs as mercs. They accepted and worked with her many times until one day when they were offered a job to clear out a fort full of bandits. Dox said it would be easy but she was a dirty fucking liar. They accepted and went there only to find that there were a fuck ton of Lolth worshiping Drow and Dryders. Guardian and Rhothgar got their asses kicked and ran the fuck out. After that day the two refused to speak to Dox and Guardian grew an extreme hatred of Drow, Lolth, and spiders. He has since forgiven Dox, and has become a Blackguard.


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