Vengeful, Nomad, Determined, Halfling, Battlemind, Deceased


Merric was born in Kironath. He was part of a nomadic tribe of halflings that followed the rivers as they flowed through the country side. One day while playing in a fields a man approached him and began to speak in a strange language. Suddenly Merric was able to feel what others were feeling, and to project those feelings onto other people.

One day Merric accompanied some of the women into the city of Lorkmere in Rinsgarn. While shopping for supplies a group of Tieflings tried to rob the women, Merric managed to fend the tieflings off by projecting the pain that the animals in the nearby butcher were feeling onto the tieflings. Later that night a large group of tieflings razed the Halfling camp. Merric was 10 years old. This was three weeks after tieflings lost control of Rinsgarn.

Merric and the surviving halflings fled to Kironath and Merric entered the military in the hopes that a war would start against the tieflings and he could have his revenge.

7 years later Merric is a sword for hire. He is known for getting the job done, and whenever there is a contract that allows Merric to kill some tieflings, Merric gives the client a discount.


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